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Xeligence for Telco & New Media

Historically, telecommunications companies have been at the forefront of customer strategies across sales, service, and marketing. This in tandem with significant investments in CRM and customer focussed analytics has meant that telecommunications companies have strived to enable customer strategies and offers at every point of customer interaction.


In practice however most communications companies struggle to implement and utilise analytical capabilities at the most critical point – the real time relationship with its customers. In addition customer service organisations continue to struggle with communicating the ever widening set of calling plans, pricing options, retention offers and marketing programs to customers.


Telecommunications companies need a proactive solution that can predict and “operationalize” best offers for customers at every touchpoint . The same proactive solution must be able to implement segmentation schemes, retention plans, provide workforce allocation, next best call routing and many other applications, easily and swiftly.


Xeligence provides all the necessary pieces in aiding telecommunications companies to:

Retail Health Care

Increase ARPU by giving frontline staff real time fact based decisions on product offers

Reducing customer churn by rescuing deteriorating relationships before customers churn and taking automatic action.

Provide consistency and more targeted marketing communications across all channels

And much more…



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