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Xeligence for Health Care

Healthcare insurers and providers face increasing challenges in customer attrition and shrinking profit margins, whilst still maintaining best of breed customer service. Escalating costs due to fraud and inefficient operations also erode the profits of healthcare companies globally.


Improving long term health by reducing future interventions is just one of the many ways insurers and healthcare providers are able to balance customers needs whilst creating revenue growth and loyalty.


In order to do this healthcare providers must proactively manage their customers health though predicting an individuals likelihood for future procedures and preventing future long term procedures.


Healthcare providers need a proactive solution that can predict and “operationalize” product and service offers for customers. The same proactive solution must be able to implement claim fraud detection, churn detection, and patient claimant deterioration and many other applications, easily and swiftly.


Xeligence provides all the necessary pieces in aiding healthcare providers to:

Retail Telco & New Media

Drive revenue growth by making targeted cross and up sell offers

Predicting patient/claimant deterioration

Provide consistency and more targeted marketing communications across all channels

And much more…


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